Frequently Asked Questions :- Uganda Airlines Crane Flyer | Loyalty Programme
What is Crane Miles

Crane Miles is a loyalty program by Uganda National Airlines Company Limited trading as Uganda Airlines based on the system that grants passengers reward miles for every international Flight they take and enables them to spend these reward miles again on international Uganda Airlines Flights.

How do I enroll?

Just click here to become a member or you can also contact our call center on +256 200 406 400 or email us on

Will you send me a card?

Soft copy cards will be emailed to all members once they have completed registration. Hard copy cards will be issued only to Gold and Platinum Members. However, even without a hard copy card, you will still be able to perform your transactions on the Uganda Airlines website or through the Call Centre.

Can I earn or spend miles when I buy my ticket through a travel agent?

Once your membership is activated, you can earn miles for all flights you take, whether you have purchased the tickets through Uganda Airlines' direct sales channels or through authorized travel agents. When making your booking through a travel agent, you will need to provide the agent with your Crane Miles number so that it can be added to your booking.

How can I earn miles?

The more you fly, the more miles you can earn and spend on your flights.

Can I earn miles for every flight or services I buy from Uganda Airlines?

You can earn miles for all the services and tickets you buy, EXCLUDING:

  • Reward tickets bought by using Crane Miles
  • Additional services
  • Flights taken before enrollment date
  • Flights taken free of charge
  • Special discount tickets
  • Code share flights
How long does it take for my miles to be transferred to my account?

Your miles will have been transferred to your account no later than 72 hours following your flight. The miles you have earned will be automatically transferred to your membership account only if you have specified your registered Crane Miles member mobile phone number or email address during the reservation and ticketing process.

For how long do my miles remain valid?

Your miles remain valid until the end of the third calendar year following the date when you earned them. For example, miles earned in August 2023 remain valid till the end of 2026.

Can I earn miles if I check-in but not take the flight?

You can only be entitled to earn miles after you have completed your flight.

How can I spend my miles?

You can redeem your miles by clicking on the 'Use My Miles to Buy' section under the payment options tab when purchasing tickets on our website at

Can I convert my miles into cash?

You can only use your reward miles to purchase reward tickets and additional services for respective flights. The miles you've earned cannot be converted into cash.

How do I redeem my miles if I forgot to claim them before flight?

After your flight, please log in to your Crane Flyer account and click on 'Claim Missing Miles.' Follow the instructions to have your miles credited to your account. This must be done within 3 days of the flight date.